Wood Shingles

In the old days, a wood roof was almost the only option available to homeowners. Today, they’re considered a unique, higher-end option that will add a rustic element to your home’s style. Wood shingles in Wichita are a classic yet durable roofing solution for our climate.

Wood roofs come in two types: shingles and shakes. What’s the difference? Shingles are cut by a machine and are tapered at the ends, providing a uniform appearance. Shakes, on the other hand, are split by hand on one side so they don’t line up as neatly. Both can be made with different types of wood, but the most common is cedar. Some people prefer the look of shake, while others like shingles.

Whatever your choice, wood roofing can be a very practical, aesthetically pleasing option. If you’re looking for wood shingles in Wichita, call Dolphin Construction & Remodeling, LLC to discuss your options. Wood shakes and shingles can last as long as asphalt in some cases, so they’re a sound choice to consider. Put us to work for you!

Shakes and Shingles 101

Wood roofing is a bit trickier to install than other roof types, including asphalt. This naturally means that the wood option can be more expensive. Still, it’s generally great in stormy weather conditions and can last a long time. It’s also a very “green” choice; when the roof has finally worn out, it will simply be ground up into mulch.

If you’re concerned about rotting or fire damage with a wood roof, there are ways to treat a wood roof from being affected by either of these problems.

So if you’re wanting to know more about wood shingles in Wichita, please give our friendly team of professionals a call. Wood shakes and shingles will never go out of style!

At Dolphin Construction & Remodeling, LLC, we believe in delivering the best possible installation services possible, with every job. We strive to make sure our customers are satisfied, from the beginning of the project to the very end. We believe in our community and the people who live here, so with every roofing job we do, we will donate a portion of our fees to the charity of your choice. Call us today to get started on your project.

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