Snow is one of the biggest highlights of winter, but too much of a good thing can have negative consequences. It is commonplace to see downed trees, downed power lines, and hazardous roads as a result of snowfall, but did you know that snow and ice can also damage roofs? To help you understand and prepare for the effects of winter precipitation, we go through the basics of snow damage here.

Snow can damage a roof in a number of ways, one being in the form of roof leaks when ice dams prevent runoff water from escaping a roof. An ice dam acts as a barrier to runoff water, and if this water cannot drain from the roof, it sits on the roof and searches out alternate locations to drain from. Sitting water will invade weak spots and leak into the underlying materials and insulation, or leak into spaces beneath vents and gutters.

The weight of snow can also present an element of danger. Just as heavy snow can bring down branches and entire trees, snow can also cause crumbling or even collapse of a roof. While this is most often observed in poorly maintained or aging roofs, it can happen to any structure given the right circumstances.

Winter weather proofing requires active preparation and maintenance. To keep your home protected year round, call our team today at (316) 210-9543.