Roof Repairs & Damage in Wichita

Identifying types of roof damage:

If your home has undergone damage from storms, fire, or age, Dolphin Construction and Remodeling, LLC  can assist you with any re-roofing or roofing repairs in Wichita. The type of roof damage doesn’t matter, large or small. We handle anything from minor shingle replacements to complete installation of your new roof.

Hail damage:

A small hole or bruise on your asphalt shingle that is neglected can lead to further damage that will cost you extra expenses down the road. If not attended to promptly, the damage will eventually start to grow into a larger problem such as leakage or serious water damage inside your home. Mold can also form as a result of damages being ignored. Even if your roof appears safe after a storm, it is wise to have it inspected to be assured of the integrity of your roof.

Storm Damage:

With the high winds in Wichita, roofing shingles can be blown off or billowing starts to occur. Signs of wind damage to your asphalt shingles can be seen in curling, missing sections or missing flashing. If you have a wood shake, tile, or metal roof that has suffered severe storm damage then you might experience cracking or even broken sections of your roof.

Dolphin can help you:

At Dolphin Construction and Remodeling, LLC, we put our customers first. We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional service that leaves you satisfied. We also are committed to helping others by donating a portion of proceeds from every roofing job to the charity of the customer’s choosing.

We are a company with four generations behind the Dolphin name. Our family-owned business has been working hard to improve the lives of others since the late 1960’s, making Dolphin a name you can trust. Give us a call today for roof repairs in Wichita to address any type of roof damage.