Synthetic Shingles – Timeless Beauty

Synthetic shingles in Wichita are one of today’s modern roofing marvels. Many people love the look of slate as a roofing material; in fact, it’s been around for centuries and remains popular today. But it’s also the most expensive type of roof you can install.

This is where synthetic slate shingles come in. They actually look just like real slate, but cost a fraction of what you’d pay for the authentic material. In addition, synthetic shingles are lighter and much easier to install than slate.

While real slate can last up to 150 years in some cases, synthetic shingles won’t have that long of a life. Still, they can withstand most weather conditions.

The contractors at Dolphin Construction & Remodeling, LLC are experts in all types of roofing, both residential and commercial. If you’re looking into synthetic shingles in Wichita, let us help! We can go over every detail with you to help you decide if you’d like synthetic or authentic slate, and we’ll then get to work on transforming your home. Call us today!

Synthetic Roofing Facts

A few things to consider when you’re looking into synthetic shingles:

  • Although these shingles are made from a mixture of rubber and plastic, they’re environmentally friendly and are generally recyclable.
  • Synthetic shingles are made by taking a mold that was shaped from real slate and pouring in the plastic/rubber material inside. These shingles can also be made to look like wood shakes or clay tile, among others.
  • This type of shingle is known to be very resistant to fire.
  • Synthetic comes in a variety of sizes, which minimizes the need for cutting and reduces waste.
  • Compared to the real thing, synthetic shingles are a breeze to install for an experienced contractor. Oftentimes, it takes an additional 10 to 20 percent of authentic slate to finish a job, simply because it breaks easily during installation. With the synthetic type, breakage is rare.
  • Synthetic shingles can, in some cases, be cut with a utility knife rather than a stone-cutting saw. The color goes all the way through the material, so it never loses its appearance.

If you’d like to know more about synthetic shingles in Wichita, contact Dolphin Construction & Remodeling, LLC today. We’re ready to put our expertise to work for you!

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