Roof Coating: A Modern Roofing Marvel

Why consider a roof coating for your business? The system has many benefits, including outstanding waterproofing and leak prevention. Roof coating in Wichita is a breeze with Dolphin Construction and Remodeling.

Roof coatings are derived from a spray foam system. Foam spray has been around long enough to prove its merit; it’s been used as a roofing system since the 1950s. It provides a seamless surface, since it goes on as a liquid. Its seamless quality makes it one of the single most leak resistant roofing applications available in the roofing industry.

All of the contractors at Dolphin Construction & Remodeling, LLC are licensed and certified. Your satisfaction is our number-one concern! If you’re looking into roof coatings in Wichita, contact us today to get started. Remember, we offer a free inspection for every client. Foam roof installation is one of our many specialties, so let us know if you think it might help your business or you have further questions about it.

Roof Coating Basics

Once applied to the roof, your roof coating will be hard enough to walk on (it will hold up to 40 pounds per square inch, which is definitely strong enough to support a person), but soft enough to be able to expand and contract. It actually dries within seconds of being applied.

This roofing system is also popular because it provides great insulation to your structure, making it energy-efficient. The fact that its so lightweight is also a plus, because it doesn’t add stress to your building.

Roof coating installation isn’t the easiest skill to master; you’ll want to go with contractors who are experienced with the materials and have a great deal of training in this procedure. In addition, weather will definitely have to be considered before installing this type of roof, because it shouldn’t be applied during damp or wet conditions. Your roof won’t adhere to the surface properly and may eventually fail.

Here at Dolphin Construction & Remodeling, LLC, we pride ourselves on not only having decades of experience, but also staying updated on the latest advances in the industry. Trust us for the best roof coating in Wichita.