Wichita DaVinci Roofing Product

Dolphin Construction and Remodeling, LLC is pleased to carry DaVinci Roofing in Wichita. With quality materials that have exceptional style, DaVinci carries slate and shake style shingles that are sure to last. DaVinci roofing tiles come pre-bundled for hassle-free installation and no need for special tools or equipment.

DaVinci roofing products are made for residential and commercial properties with outstanding durability and luxury styles. Their products are made to withstand damage the harsh elements cause, such as cracking, curling and fading. There is also protection against mold, algae, fungi, and insects under normal weather conditions. With their 50-year limited warranty, DaVinci Roofing’s slate and shake shingles come with UV-stabilizers that have proven protection against degradation under harsh sunlight exposure.

DaVinci’s revolutionary polymer roofing tiles come in 49 colors to provide you with the perfect look for your home. When visually assessing a home, the roof can take up to 50% of its visual makeup: if your roof does not match your home, or is in bad condition, it detracts from the appeal and often devalues your entire property. DaVinci’s products are virtually maintenance free and are more cost-effective than natural cedar or slate roofing products.

The shingles DaVinci provides:

  • Muti-Width Slate
  • Single-Witch Slate
  • Bellaforte Slate
  • Multi-Width Shake
  • Single-Width Shake
  • Fancy Shake
  • Bellaforte Shake

Dolphin Construction and Remodeling, LLC is proud to carry the luxury style brand DaVinci. With 100% recycled materials, the materials DaVinci produces are Eco-fiendly and sustainable. The slate and shake style roofing is made to resist water absorption, allowing for installation in all weather climates. Our roofers utilize only the top quality products available in the roofing industry to craft our renowned roofs: from this, you can trust that DaVinci roofing products will protect your home or business for years to come.
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