Sometimes we forget the maintenance necessary for the upkeep of some of our bigger purchases. When it comes to your roof, nobody wants to lose that big of an investment. However, nobody really wants to spend time cleaning out their gutters either. Luckily, Dolphin Construction & Remodeling can do that for you. Here, we’ve gone over the importance of functioning gutters for your roof’s health.

Water Damage:

Almost nothing can cause damage to your home’s structural integrity like pooling water does. When you gutters have clogs, you’ll get exactly that. Keeping water off of your roof adds years to its life-span.


Because gutters get clogged up with so much natural debris, they become the perfect home for insects and vermin. Both can destroy large sections of your roof.


Having the ability to direct water flow can help you with your landscaping. Prevent over-watering in certain areas and get water to others. 

Remember, we offer gutter repair and maintenance services here at Dolphin Construction & Remodeling. To learn more about what we do, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (316) 210-9543.