Wichita Gutter Service

Repair, Replace and Maintain:


Our company has been offering top notch roofing since the 1960s to many satisfied customers. We excel in all roofing services, but one of our high quality services is repair, maintenance, and replacement of gutters in Wichita. Gutter service should be performed by professionals you can trust. It is vital that you keep your gutters in good condition to make sure they are doing the job properly.

A Gutter Left Unattended:

When the debris is left unattended to, the contents start to decompose and get bogged down with water that is not properly drained due to build up. This can cause the gutters to get weighed down and start to rip away from the home causing damage to the home and/or the roof. This can create water damage and leakage in the long run. Not only will the home be damaged, but the gutters themselves will begin to rust from the stagnant water due to improper water flow.

We will remove all debris that has been backed up due to weather conditions or lack of attention. Our team will will secure any loose gutters that have been affected and maintain the areas that have been rusted. Flushing out the gutters and downspouts is important so the gutter is clean and open for water drainage. If you leave your gutters unattended, then this will possible cause damage to you home. The gutter will either start to detach itself because of the heavy weight, pulling off parts of your siding, thus creating water damage on your roof.

Roofing Contractors You Can Trust

Allow Dolphin Construction and Remodeling, LLC to service your gutters in Wichita. We are experienced with gutter repair, maintenance, and installation and will provide you with the best service available. Call us today for a free estimate.