Natural lighting is an undisputed asset to any home or property. Not only does natural light improve the environment in your home, it is also a health and mood booster. A skylight offers practical access to natural light in your home – and our professional roofing contractors offer affordable access to this home lighting feature. Here we have detailed several of our favorite advantages of home skylights.

Natural Lighting Abounds

  • Natural lighting from skylights will help you save on utility bills. By providing beautiful, cost-free light to your home, you can save by using your electric lights less throughout the day.
  • Skylights are available as fixed or venting. Venting skylights draw warm air out to keep your house cool, additionally saving on utilities by reducing AC usage.
  • Skylights are a safe application for virtually any roofing system. However, to avoid leaking later on, be sure the roofers that install your skylight are licensed and qualified – such as the roofers here at Dolphin.
  • Skylights are specially coated to resist UV degradation and weathering.

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